7 Facts about Fire that Might Surprise You

Although fire is dangerous, it’s an interesting subject. That being said, here are seven facts about fire that might surprise you!

  1. Fire Makes Water

Yes, you read that right! Fire does have the ability to make water. Placing a cold spoon on top of tiny flame creates condensation, which interacts with the metal to create a roaring fire.

  1. Fire Can Only Burn on Earth

Fire needs oxygen to spark and grow, and so far we haven’t found another planet that has even close to the level of oxygen that earth has. So, don’t expect to see any astronauts sitting around a bonfire on the moon.

  1. The Deadliest Fire Occurred on April 27, 1865

On April 27, 1865 a ship named the Sultana was engulfed in flames after the boilers overheated and eventually exploded. Unfortunately, the Sultana was extremely over capacity, which only fueled the fire. 1,547 people passed away due to the fire.

  1. Oxygen Determines the Color

Oxygen has a strong influence on fire. Essentially, the color of fire is ultimately determined upon how much oxygen is in the air. If you see a fire with an overwhelming yellow tint, that means the flames have a low oxygen percentage. As for a high oxygen percentage, this results in blue flames.

  1. House Fires Spread Extremely Fast

House fires grow exponentially. Essentially, house fires grow twice their size every minute. That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive plan to get out of a burning home as quickly as possible.

  1. The Second Deadliest Fire Occurred on October 8, 1971

On October 8, 1971, 1,200 people died in the Peshtigo Fire, which occurred in Wisconsin.

  1. Concentrated Sunlight Used By the Greeks

In older eras, the Greeks started fires by using a technique to create enough concentrated sunlight. This is mirrored in the modern practice of lighting the opening torch in the Olympics with solar rays.

prevent kitchen fires

How to Lower Your Risk of Starting a House Fire

Although everyone is at risk of a house fire, there are ways you can lower your risk of starting a house fire. Here are just a few of those ways:

  1. Practice Safe Cooking

One of the leading causes of accidental fires is cooking. When accidental kitchen fires occur, it’s mostly caused by a stove. Most of the time, people forget they’re cooking or place something other than a pan on top of their stove. This quickly causes a fire that’s often uncontrollable.

In order to prevent this, make sure you practice safe cooking. Whenever you’re cooking something on the stove, make sure to stand next to your pan and pay attention to what you’re doing. If you have to leave the room, turn the burner off.

  1. Heating

It’s important to check your heating units, especially during the winter. Be especially cautious of portable heaters that are smaller and typically placed in bedrooms. Although these heaters can be handy, they pose a serious risk of starting a fire. If you use a portable heater, make sure you place it in an open space, where it couldn’t come into contact with any curtains, sheets, or other easily flammable materials.

  1. Smoke Outdoors

While smoking poses its own health risks, it also poses a risk for starting a deadly fire. In fact, smoking is the leading cause of deaths due to house fires. Typically, people who smoke inside become lazy with paying attention to their cigarette butts. This results in people putting their cigarettes out anywhere, or simply forgetting to properly put them out. And when this happens, a cigarette butt can easily ignite something flammable, like a blanket or cushion.

Luckily, preventing house fires due to smoking is extremely easy. All you have to do is keep the smoke outside. In other words, maintain a strict no smoking policy indoors. It’s important to note that while prohibiting smoking indoors will greatly prevent a house fire, there’s still a chance a cigarette butt could cause a fire outside. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure a cigarette butt is always properly extinguished.

  1. Check Electrical Sources

Take a second and look at all of your electrical cords. If you have any cords that are permanently bent, cracked, or frayed at the ends, then there’s an increased chance those cords will start a house fire. In addition to deteriorated electrical cords, extension cords increase the chance of a house fire. This is because power circuits are only made to distribute two connections of electricity. When you use a power cord, you’re suddenly using double and even triple of the intended usage. In other words, you’re overloading the circuit, which is extremely dangerous.

  1. Be Cautious of Candles

Lastly, candles are a common cause of house fires. Typically, house fires caused by candles occur when people leave a candle burning by itself or place a burning candle in close proximity to something easily flammable. So if you plan on burning a candle, make sure you stay in the room and don’t fall asleep. Also, make sure your candle is in a relatively open space without any paper, sheets, or other flammable materials nearby.

What to Do In Case of a House Fire

house on fire

Finding yourself in a house fire can be an extremely scary situation. The first thing to note before you read any further is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Meaning: knowing how to prevent a fire is the best form of protection you can employ. However, despite our best efforts, accidents do happen. If you find yourself in a fire, take the following steps to ensure your safety and salvage as much of your property as you can during the incident.

Prepare an escape route ahead of time. In a nutshell, you should know your way out of the building. This is crucial whether you live in a single-family home or multi-family complex unit. You need to have an escape route in case a fire ever happens and stick to that escape route when the time comes.

Most multifamily complexes will have fire alarms to alert everyone when it’s time to exit the building. Speak with your landlord to ensure they are in working order and know how to get outside as quickly as possible. If you have children, it is definitely helpful to educate them and even draw out an escape map so they know what to do if and when the time comes.

Inspect doors for heat and smoke. If you put your palm near or on the door to your room and feel heat, that’s a good sign that fire is on the other side. If you see smoke coming through the cracks or the door knob is hot, do not, under any circumstances, open the door! You could find yourself engulfed in flames. In that case, you’ll want to consult your escape plan and use the next-best exit to get outside quickly. This may be a window or another door that enables you to get to another room in your home where fire is not present.

If you don’t see smoke or heat, it’s okay to open the door, but make sure you do so very slowly. If you feel immense heat, see fire, or become quickly surrounded by smoke upon opening the door, simply close the door as quickly as you can and look for another escape route.

Stay low to the ground. Smoke and heat rise, so in general, it’s best to crouch down as low as possible and crawl on your hands and knees when making your way to the nearest exit. If you happen to catch fire, remember what you were taught in school: “stop, drop, and roll!”

Call your local volunteer fire department. (Perhaps this should be at the top of the list.) However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get to a phone, the above suggestions should be utilized first. Still, as soon as a phone becomes accessible, contact your local fire department to extinguish the fire. The sooner they get to you, the more of your belongings you’ll be able to salvage. In any case, saving yourself should be top priority. Material things are replaceable. YOU are not!

How to Find the Best Contractors for Home Fire Restoration

fire damage

If you’ve recently experienced a house fire, first of all, we are sorry for your loss. Hopefully no persons or animals were hurt or killed in the incident, but no doubt, many of your material belongings were damaged, and for many people, this can be a huge loss.

As Cabarrus County’s #1 fire department, we’ve seen the devastation that house fires can cause, and it ain’t pretty. However, there is hope and you can repair your life, albeit you may have lost some precious valuables in the process.

The first step is to contact your homeowner’s insurance company. They will work with you to determine the worth of everything consumed by the fire and make sure you’re fairly compensated so that you can begin the rebuilding process. If your home was severely damaged, you may be wondering who you might hire to fix the damage. There are many parts to a home, and each one requires the care of an expert. You’ll likely need to hire a variety of professionals who specialize in different construction areas to ensure your home is rebuilt to your desires and specifications. While there are restoration experts who can do a lot of different types of repairs, you may want to search for several who can repair your home in stages. Here are a few suggestions for locating the contractors you’ll need.

Call a roofing company. Heat, smoke, and fire tend to rise, so it’s very plausible that you may have some roof damage. Assuming that’s the case, you’ll need someone who can perform a repair or even a full-on replacement if necessary. A lot of roofing companies also specialize in siding replacement, gutter replacement, and even window replacement as well, so you may have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Search the web for a window replacement specialist. Here’s one we recommend in the Charlotte area: Heat can cause windows to crack or break, and if any of your window frames caught fire, you’re likely going to need to have them replaced altogether.

Ask your HOA to recommend a home remodeling company. If the damage you experienced spans a range of different specialties, you may be better off hiring one company who specializes in everything. Many home remodeling experts can perform a variety of fire restoration tasks, and chances are, your neighbors will probably have some good recommendations.

Don’t forget about landscaping! Your HOA can probably recommend someone for this as well, since they likely hire someone to handle your neighborhood’s front entrance. Even if the fire didn’t burn up your whole yard, chances are your lawn was affected, and you may even have some tree damage, depending on the spread of the flames.

Make sure whoever you hire has proper licensing and insurance. Construction is a tricky business. If anything happens on the job and someone gets hurt or damages your property further, you definitely don’t want to be held liable!

Multifamily Buildings At Increased Risk of Fire Occurrence

Multifamily household buildings are at an increased threat for fire since they have extra kitchen areas, heating systems, hot water heating systems as well as various other components that can boost opportunities for a fire to begin.

A “balanced” building style is needed to protect multifamily devices from fire, according to specialists at the National Concrete Stonework Association. Fire safety in multifamily real estate is influenced by the layout of the structure; its fire protection functions; the quality of and materials made use of in the structure’s building, the structure’s contents, as well as general maintenance.

Balanced style comprises three components: discovery, suppression and also compartmentation.

Each house device ought to be equipped with detectors in all sleeping areas and nearby areas, and also on each level of the building, including the cellar. Detectors should be wired right into a continual power supply.

Smoke detectors are vulnerable to lack of maintenance or damaged power supply, so they must be preserved and also evaluated frequently.

Suppression: Suppression methods, such as sprinkler systems, control a fire at the place of origin. While not developed to snuff out a fire, sprinklers have been revealed to be effective in controlling a fire until it can be extinguished.

Automatic sprinklers are at risk of system failures as a result of inadequate maintenance and also evaluation or inadequate water system. Lawn sprinklers are not planned to regulate mechanical and electric equipment fires or fires of external beginning, such as those from nearby structures, trash fires and also brush fires.

Compartmentation: Compartmentation restricts the degree of fire by dividing a structure right into fire compartments confined by fire wall surfaces and fire-rated floorings and ceilings. Compartments reduce the spread of harmful fumes and smoke. They also provide safe locations of refuge when evacuation is not possible.

Flooring and wall surface aspects creating the limits of each area must have a fire resistance rating of at least two hrs and must be constructed of fireproof products that are capable of preserving the architectural stability of the building throughout the period of the fire.

How to Select the Best Fire-and-Smoke Detector

fire and smoke detector

Many customers are familiar with the tools in their homes called smoke detectors, but may be surprised to know that there are several kinds of detectors on the market. These kinds of detectors vary in what they detect and exactly how they find it, how they are taken care of by the fire alarm system itself, as well as how they are powered. (NOTE: Because all detectors begin the process of putting a fire alarm system right into the alarm setting, they are one of what could be a number of gadgets on the system known as “Initiating Gadgets”.)

A heat detector could be designed to go right into an alarm system if one or both of the below problems are fulfilled: 1) the ambient temperature level at the detector increases to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 2) the temperature at the detector increases 15 levels Fahrenheit or more throughout a one-minute period. The previous kind is understood as a “fixed temperature” heat detector, while the latter is recognized as a “cost of surge” heat detector. Given that there are a number of factors that can trigger a fire, but not create an increase in temperature level at the place of the heat detector, including the range from the fire to the detector and typical variants in temperature level in the building, heat detectors are not as sensitive to fire as are smoke detectors and are, consequently, not taken into consideration as trustworthy enough to be regarded “life security” devices.

When the temperature level rises to a high sufficient factor (or, in the instance of rate of surge heat detectors, swiftly sufficient throughout a specified time period) to wear away one of the resistors, the circuit is broken and the heat detector goes right into the alarm system. When smoke enters the chamber, nonetheless, some of the rays from the light resource scatter, consequently contacting the light receptor and also putting the detector right into alarm. When smoke gets in the chamber, it reduces the cost in the air, damaging the circuit for the current, putting the detector into alarm.

The third differentiating variable when thinking about a fire detector for a fire alarm system is the technique utilized by the control panel to manage the detector. The various other types of detectors, recognized as “intelligent”, can be especially determined by the fire alarm system control panel. When an intelligent detector is malfunctioning, by observing the fire alarm control panel, a specialist can determine precisely which gadget to go troubleshoot.

Lastly, when taking into consideration a fire detector, one should identify how the smoke alarm system powers its detectors. Some fire alarm systems power their detectors straight from the smoke alarm control panel. Such detectors will have 2 wires, which bring both power and signals. Various other fire alarm systems require their detectors to get their power from elsewhere. Such detectors will have four wires; two which attach to the smoke alarm control board and also lug signals to and fro from the detectors to the panel; the other 2 of which give the avenue for power.

If an emergency alarm system owner considers all these aspects and also exactly how well they fit his particular application and system, he can be ensured of making the right selection when choosing a detector.

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Restoring Your House After Fire Damage

Fire damages repair is the critical very first action in the procedure of restoring the framework of your house and also making it comfortable as soon as possible. The procedure of removal after this kind of loss is time-sensitive and includes a number of actions.

Time Is Essential

The recurring impacts of a fire start within mins of the fires being blown out and also the smoke being gotten rid of. Starting the recuperation procedure as quickly as feasible will certainly aid in lowering the time and also the price needed to start a return to normality.

What Is Included

roof-on-fireAn expert fire issue repair group complies with a variety of actions in accomplishing the objective of returning the impacted building to its previous state. Below are the highlights of this procedure.

Protecting The Site of the Fire

This might entail home windows as well as harmed wall surfaces being boarded up. If there is damage to the roof covering of a framework, a roof covering tarpaulin could additionally be set up to protect against the components from triggering extra injury. A roofing company will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done.

Preliminary Elimination Of Fire-Resistant Products

Water and also chemical brokers made use of to manage the occasion have to be gotten rid of from the place prior to the restoration job. Drying out components, such as dehumidifiers, are generated to speed up the procedure. Various other air relocating tools will certainly boost air flow and make the location both much easier and more secure.

Cleaning & Residue Removal

The following stage of the treatment entails getting rid of the recurring residue as well as smoke smells from the facilities. This is among one of the most thorough actions, as it includes an extensive cleansing of all surface areas such as wall surfaces, ceilings, home appliances, installations, as well as flooring. Throughout this time, added quotes could be made regarding exactly what could be brought back as well as exactly what should be changed.

Sterilizing and also deep cleaning will certainly assist with the process of bringing things back to the state that they remained in prior to being harmed in the unlikely fire. This action could likewise cause substantial price savings both to the insurance company and also the resident.

house fireFire issue reconstruction is a time-sensitive procedure. Starting the healing procedure as quickly as possible will certainly decrease the time as well as the price called for to start a return to normality.

The last action in fire damage remediation is managing any type of architectural issue. Mounting brand-new floor coverings, painting, and also comparable tasks will need to be carried out. This could additionally be finished throughout this stage if sections of the building require restoration.


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Four reasons why you should come to Cabarrus County

Cabarrus County is in the south-central part of North Carolina. It is rich in history and has sites like the Reed Gold Mine and National Historic Landmark which are worth visiting. In 1799, the first gold discovered in the US was found here. In the late 19th century, industrialization occurred in this area through cotton mills. Here are the top reasons for visiting Cabarrus County.

Reed Gold Mine

It is where the first commercial gold was found in the U.S. Because of its historical significance it is now a National Historic Landmark. There is a lovely museum with displays about gold mining in North Carolina. Visitors can explore restored massive mine tunnels. You will have an excellent learning experience by visiting the Reed Gold Mine.

Concord Mills Mall

It is a huge mall located in Cabarrus County. You will find the biggest branded shops here. There are entertainment venues as well. You will find things from clothing and jewelry to books. You will find the Nike Factory Store, the Lego Store, the Disney Store outlet, etc. in this shopping mall. There are food courts and motion simulators. It is a complete recreation center for everyone.

Great WolfLodge

It is a great family resort having indoor water parks. You will find restaurants, spas, arcades, fitness centers, children’s areas and other forms of entertainment and recreation also in this resort. It is a good to stay with your family.


It is home to the Amerian Motorsports. You will find some speedways for the race. Several racing events take place every year, and they are worth attending. You can come here as a visitor to observe this super exciting sport. You can also participate in this competition.

Many people haven’t heard of this beautiful place of Cabarrus County in North Carolina. Come and visit this place with your family on your next vacation.

Three most incredible cities in North Carolina

North Carolina is a lovely state to live. It has scored very high regarding living standard, employment rates, education, home value, and crime rate. If you consider shifting to North Carolina, then you should settle in one of the following three cities.



The word ‘Apex’ means ‘the top.’ Apex has all the characteristics of a perfect place. Its crime rate is 68% lower than other cities, and high school degree earners are 25% higher. This town is well known for its pleasant weather. It has parks, great universities and schools, sound financial position, and lots of recreational opportunities.

Wake Forest

Wake Forest'

It has good weather throughout the year. There are lots of parks and outdoor activities. The city is full of natural beauty; there are woodlands, lakes, and falls. The city is known for its barbecue restaurants. It has good churches per capital. People living here have good times on Sunday. They can visit the church in the morning and enjoy a barbecue in the evening.



The place has a lower cost of living, thus making it an attractive choice for many people. The cost of living in Garner is 5% less than the average living cost in North Carolina. It has a good number of churches per capita. There are good restaurants to dine. The median household income is 37% higher than the other cities in North Carolina. It is a brilliant place to raise a family. There are many housing options, and the crime rate is low here. You will find nationally recognized schools here.

You will have a better life by living in any of these cities in North Carolina. You will have better income and a good lifestyle. With all the amenities available and low crime rates, these cities are perfect for raising children and staying with family.